Top 5 Best Online Platforms to Learn WordPress in 2020

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WordPress is getting popular day by day. Nowadays it’s one of the most successful CMS (Content management system) platform. There are so many other CMS but they are not much popular like WordPress.

A survey firm W3Techs discover that from the whole world 33% of the website used WordPress CMS. And this percentage is increasing every single day. So, I hope you understand. If you are planning to build your career as a Web Developer or Designer then how much is important to know about WordPress!

Yes, there are so many youths start their freelance career only learn the basic customization about WordPress. So, why you didn’t take this opportunity yet?

I think you should start right now if you want to build your career online. No matter what category do you want to work. If you really want to build your career online then there so many steps that you have to use WordPress for your freelance work.

Example: Let’s say you are working as a freelance graphic designer. And you have to build your own portfolio to showcase your work to your clients. So, obviously, you have to build your own portfolio website. And using WordPress! It’s pretty easy to do without hiring any web developer. You can learn it within 1 week to manage your website and do basic customization related work.

Also, if you working as a data entry operator then there are lots of jobs to upload products or manage WordPress posts from Dashboard. So, learning WordPress is a smart thing for every single freelancer.

Today I’ll show you some of the best platforms where you can start learning WordPress. Some of them are completely free and some of them are paid. But if you are a beginner person then the free will be fine for you to know how WordPress works etc.

However, if you already know about WordPress then you can start learning Advance WordPress to develop your skills.

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